Revention POS

Revention is a Houston based Point of Sale company that goes beyond just being a business. It is a partner, friend, and instructor. Although I’m not much of a salesman, I believe that any sales force has to believe in its product in order to deliver a snappy, attractive pitch. My own experience from the moment Revention presented their sales presentation was incredible. Their sales agents took a lot of pride in their product and clearly demonstrated the Revention advantage.

Steve Jobs had a slogan for his company: “Think Different.” Apple honors people that produce amazing results and shake up the status quo. In doing so, they create a brand that generates a loyal following that will purchase almost any of the company’s products. Revention does something very similar. From top to bottom, everyone in the organization shows the drive and creativity of a person that enjoys what they do.

Working with Revention taught me about parts of the restaurant business that went beyond the day-to-day operations. I learned about marketing and how critical it is for businesses to engage each and every guest as a way of encouraging growth. Revention aggressively markets its own capabilities through the pride they take in their services.

I am grateful for the opportunity I had to work with them enhancing everything from our online ordering system to our mobile apps, label printers, and point of sale system. It’s an amazing experience to work hand-in-hand with them to set all this up. Watching this new service roll out and exceed the expectations of our guests is a wining situation for everybody involved

2016 New Menu

Our updated 2016 menu is now complete, and just like the Roostar symbol, it’s been given an overhaul. The fonts have a little more personality, but keep the simplicity that customers need for easy reading. Making the menu easier to look at was a big focus, and simple changes, such as adjustments to the color brightness, have made browsing the menu easier than ever.

Also, in keeping with our appeal to a diverse city, we’ve included pictures to help our clientele understand their choices. The effect is especially noticeable for those surfing our website on their phones or tablets. Along with a few, more descriptive name changes and a slightly expanded selection that includes vegetarian, vegan, and seafood options, the Roostar menu is ready to delight the tastes of diners from throughout Houston.


Roostar Logo


Our logo was hand drafted by a graffiti artist out of Bulgaria by the name of Pavel, and later refined by a highly talented designer from Pennsylvania named Scott. Through them, I learned more about the work and attention that goes into graphic design than I could ever have imagined. The finished logo is simple, yet confident, fun, and happy, just like every member of our organization.

Vietnam was heavily influenced by the French, and so the Roostar logo, in many ways, symbolizes France. In fact, the rooster is the unofficial national symbol of France. However, the logo also uses the Star of Texas to show our love for the state. It represents the pride, courage, and independent spirit that defined the original settlers of Texas. It’s a spirit that we value here at Roostar.

Finally, the rooster of our logo is drawn in flame-like strokes and colored with burning reds, symbolizing the passion and energy that we put into each of our dishes. In creating the Roostar logo, we didn’t want only to appeal to the masses. We also wanted to capture elements of Vietnam, France, and Texas. Not matter how old you are or what your background is, everyone can identify with the fusion of cultures that happens in America, and especially in a city as diverse as Houston.


The Poblano Part

It’s been quite a long journey just to get here. After years of going through different artists, designs for the restaurant, and even name changes, Roostar is a reality. Although we originally launched as Vietnam Poblano, our dream of serving a fusion of Vietnamese and Mexican food never materialized.

A big reason for this is that we wanted to keep the menu small. A smaller menu is easier for customers to choose from, and that a reduced menu makes it easier to prepare excellent food with greater precision. At Roostar, we don’t want to just make decent food. Instead, our menu size helps our staff create only the very best in Vietnamese dishes in a timely manner.


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