Roostar Logo


Our logo was hand drafted by a graffiti artist out of Bulgaria by the name of Pavel, and later refined by a highly talented designer from Pennsylvania named Scott. Through them, I learned more about the work and attention that goes into graphic design than I could ever have imagined. The finished logo is simple, yet confident, fun, and happy, just like every member of our organization.

Vietnam was heavily influenced by the French, and so the Roostar logo, in many ways, symbolizes France. In fact, the rooster is the unofficial national symbol of France. However, the logo also uses the Star of Texas to show our love for the state. It represents the pride, courage, and independent spirit that defined the original settlers of Texas. It’s a spirit that we value here at Roostar.

Finally, the rooster of our logo is drawn in flame-like strokes and colored with burning reds, symbolizing the passion and energy that we put into each of our dishes. In creating the Roostar logo, we didn’t want only to appeal to the masses. We also wanted to capture elements of Vietnam, France, and Texas. Not matter how old you are or what your background is, everyone can identify with the fusion of cultures that happens in America, and especially in a city as diverse as Houston.


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