Revention POS

Revention is a Houston based Point of Sale company that goes beyond just being a business. It is a partner, friend, and instructor. Although I’m not much of a salesman, I believe that any sales force has to believe in its product in order to deliver a snappy, attractive pitch. My own experience from the moment Revention presented their sales presentation was incredible. Their sales agents took a lot of pride in their product and clearly demonstrated the Revention advantage.

Steve Jobs had a slogan for his company: “Think Different.” Apple honors people that produce amazing results and shake up the status quo. In doing so, they create a brand that generates a loyal following that will purchase almost any of the company’s products. Revention does something very similar. From top to bottom, everyone in the organization shows the drive and creativity of a person that enjoys what they do.

Working with Revention taught me about parts of the restaurant business that went beyond the day-to-day operations. I learned about marketing and how critical it is for businesses to engage each and every guest as a way of encouraging growth. Revention aggressively markets its own capabilities through the pride they take in their services.

I am grateful for the opportunity I had to work with them enhancing everything from our online ordering system to our mobile apps, label printers, and point of sale system. It’s an amazing experience to work hand-in-hand with them to set all this up. Watching this new service roll out and exceed the expectations of our guests is a wining situation for everybody involved

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