The Dream Pack

Our restaurant succeeded thanks to the wonderful community we are surrounded by and the regulars who have supported us from the day our doors opened. Personally, I can also say that my mentors played an influential role in educating me and teaching me the qualities that any good owner should have. However, I cannot say thanks without including the group of people who stand by me day after day: my colleagues.

My colleagues give me a joy that is difficult to put into words, and it is through their hard work that we have made our vision into a reality.  Their dedication is visible in the long hours they put into their jobs, and it is that level of effort that has made our company a success. Even through all of the physical and emotional difficulties that are part of launching a restaurant, I have felt blessed to stand side by side with a team of individuals who rose to the challenge.

While our management takes the lead in coaching the rest of the staff, it is always our wish that everyone working for us meets their personal, financial and academic needs. With that said, this year we are introducing what we like to call the Dream Pack.

With the Dream Pack, we conducted an anonymous survey amongst our colleagues to determine what they would like as some form of reward for their hard work. Of course, we couldn’t promise the moon, so there were a few conditions on what types of rewards could be chosen. The value of any reward would have to be under a certain amount. This was also part of a fun contest within the restaurant, so only one person could win.

On a personal note, I believe everyone in the company has the potential to do great things. Our plan is to hold the contest once a year as a way of adding some fun to the daily life of the restaurant as well as give the staff extra incentives to work toward. It is my hope that the reward will help our colleagues continue growing professionally, personally and academically.

Over the years, we have taken on amazing individuals that form the hardest working staff in Houston. Some have moved on to new careers, but we still appreciate the time and effort they invested in making the restaurant a success with our guests. Moving forward, we wish these former staff members all the best, and hope they will continue to succeed in life.

We have had three great years, but this next year looks like it will be the best yet. As we continue growing, I would like to say thank you to all of my current and former colleagues for helping make this company a success. It could not have been done without their time and effort. I can only imagine the amazing things we will achieve together in 2016.