Attention is the Oxygen

As businesses have moved onto the web, they’ve found that advertising isn’t just about promotions and ad banners. At Roostar, we’ve found that the best way to advertise online is by keeping our content fresh and reaching out through social media. So, to start, we began by covering the basics. We wanted to make sure people knew who we were, what we served, how to make contact with us, and where we were located. The website has also been an easy way to keep our customers updated about changes we have made.

However, we wanted to go beyond just the basics of maintaining a website. We wanted our customers to know our story and the history behind our name. There’s a rich history behind the food we serve and how we came to be in Houston, and the website has been a great way of communicating those tales. Essentially, we wanted our site to be a place where we could connect with customers and communicate our values.

Our website has been an easy way of reaching out to guests and visitors, not only to let people know about the business side of the restaurant, but also to let them know how we connect with our community. Keeping an online presence has made it easier for us to tell the story behind the food. It’s also been a great way of letting people know how we try and give back to our guests.

This has all been made easier through the rise of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. We try to make sure we reply to every comment we get. When people reach out to us, we want them to see that they’re connecting with real people and not robots. We take the time to personally communicate with everyone that reaches out to us. We strongly believe that by interacting with our guests and building relationships, we make Roostar a place where guests feel welcome.

Building our website has meant constant updates to keep our content fresh, because content is king. However, we’ve also made it a hub from which we can communicate with our guests and the surrounding community. By making it a place where visitors can learn about the food, as well as the stories behind the food, we believe that our website goes beyond just the basics of business. Through strong social outreach and attention paid to every guest who stops by, we believe we have created a home for our customers on the internet.

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